How atiya khan left modeling to find peace at lal shahbaz qalandar’s shrine

Atiya khan is one of those supermodels who described that pivotal moment at the same time as style models have end up cultural icons in their very own right. In the path of the 80s, she became visible simply on the cover of each foremost mag and at the runway of favor weeks, strolling with the pioneers of the pakistani style industry.
She left modelling while she become at her top and gives the same advice to nowadays’s models. Thirteen years in the past, atiya embarked on a spiritual quest to locate the proper essence of islam and became guided via a living sufi saint, sheikh nizamul haqqani, who confirmed her the route to the shrine of lal shahbaz qalandar and there she decided solace.

At the identical note, atiya feels her existence has been entire of surprises. “my lifestyles is complete of magical connections and flow, so i’m no longer advantageous if it has some thing to do with modelling

Having retired on the age of 21, atiya in no way needed to fight to stay on pinnacle. “it turn out to be in no manner a battle to stay on top and that modified into by no means the incentive or intention. In my time modelling turned into a hobby or a way for us to assignment the radicalisation beneath trendy zia’s regime so it changed into tons more inspiring. We felt we were warriors breaking taboos and that’s it. Now, modelling is greater of a organization and a shady one.”


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